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Frequently Asked Questions


What does 'RGB' mean?

RGB is short for Red, Green, Blue. This colour setting is used for images that are viewed on screen or on the web.

What does 'CMYK' mean?

CMYK is short for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (black) and is used in print. Each colour represents a colour plate on a standard printing press, and most printed material is made up of these four colours.

What's the difference between RGB or CMYK?

The difference is mostly in its use. RGB images are used for screen and online, whereas CMYK images are used for print. RGB images are often much brighter in colour than CMYK images. CMYK images are usually larger in size than CMYK images. Read more


What does 'image resolution' mean?

Resolution means the amount of pixels (tiny blocks of colour) that make up an image, for example.

What does 'vector' mean?

The vector format is used for things like logos and illustrations. This means they can be scaled up indefinitely without losing quality.


Why do I need a logo for my business?

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I have a logo. Now what?

Congratulations! Now it’s a matter of applying your logo throughout your business materials. Any client-facing documents you produce for your business should at least have your logo on them, ideally with some contact details or your website. Your designer can also provide you with a brand colour palette, with at least a range of primary colours and their CMYK and RGB values, as well as their hexadecimal color values (these start with a # and are followed by a six letter/number combo). Ensure you use these colours consistently on any printed materials such as business cards, stationery and flyers, on your website, and in digital documents such as presentations and slides.