Graphic Design & Brand Integrity Consultancy


About Esther (Zesty) Lemmens

I moved to the UK from the Netherlands in 1999 and have been running my business, Zesty Design, ever since. I’ve also been in (part-time) employment with local marketing and advertising agencies over the years. Since 2014, though, I’ve been completely self-employed, and I love being my own boss.

I started off in graphic design and project management, and then specialised in creative artworking (the technical and detailed process of preparing documents for print).

More recently, I’ve found that my true skills and passion lie in brand application and implementation, working with entrepreneurs and business owners who care about consistency and excellence in their visual presentation.

I’m also a natural at spotting inconsistencies, and seeing where things could be simplified, optimised, or be made more efficient. I love getting into the details, making things look neat and tidy.

I call this ‘Brand Integrity’, which goes far beyond the way a visual brand is applied in a business’s client-facing documents:

Esther Lemmens picture

“To me, Brand Integrity encompasses more than just ensuring your logo is on all your documents – although that is of course important! It’s also about ensuring your brand is recognisable, and about optimising and simplifying processes. I’ve found that this helps to build trust in your tribe, makes things easier to process, and increases the professional look and feel of a business.”

Besides a Brand Integrity Consultant, I describe myself as a book addict, course junkie, ethical eco-warrior, organic foodie, green tea connoisseur, holistic health geek, professional pedant and crazy cat lady, with a zest for life! 😃

Fun facts

  • I consider myself Multi-passionate (no surprise there, then! 😉) or as Barbara Sher calls it, ‘Scanner’
  • I’m an introvert and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)
  • I’m a perfectionist (recovering, thankfully)
  • My Myers-Briggs profile is INFJ (we are special snowflakes 🙂 find out yours here or here)
  • My Wealth Dynamics profile is Lord (Lord Lemmens. I like it.)
  • I’m a Reiki enthusiast (Western Reiki Master / Eastern Reiki student)
  • I’m a book in the amazing Human Library Organisation
  • I have diplomas in Electronics and Nutritional Therapy
  • I love origami and once made 69 stars for Christmas cards 🙂
  • I adore languages, especially their writing systems. I’m currently learning Japanese and one of my favourite books is a Dutch children’s book about the history of our alphabet – it’s called ‘A is een koetje’ (the English version is called ‘A is for Ox’).
  • I used to sing in a cover band called ‘Big Sister‘, which was fab! We gigged regularly in and around Norwich for 6 years in the early part of this century 😉
  • I really like latin dancing, and although I don’t do it regularly these days, I find it’s kinda like riding a bicycle.
  • I love Martial Arts, and used to practice Judo and Tae-Kwon-Do. I’m currently fascinated by Aikido and the concept of Ki.
  • I’m a Trekkie!
  • I tend to overuse emoticons, and my inner pedant is very pleased that they match my main brand colour 😉

Stuff I love

PS: I genuinely use and love these things, and I’m not receiving anything in return for mentioning them, except where it states ‘affiliate link.’